Sunday, June 19, 2011

The French Laundry

"Cooking is not about convenience and it's not about shortcuts...Our hunger for the twenty-minute gourmet meal, for one-pot ease and pre-washed, precut ingredients has severed our lifeline to the satisfactions of cooking.  Take your time.  Take a long time.  Move slowly and deliberately and with great attention."
-Thomas Keller
The French Laundry Cookbook
"Thomas is the poster boy for the true artisan. The true artist, basically."
Grant Achatz speaking about Thomas Keller

Chef's Tasting Menu
14 June 2011

Gruyere Gougeres in the Garden
Smoked Salmon Coronet Canape
Schramsberg "Cuvee French Laundry" 2006

"Oysters and Pearls"
Sabayon of Peral Tapioca with Island Creek Oysters and White Sturgeon Caviar
Moulard Duck Foie Gras en Terrine
Strawberries, Gros Michel Banana, Wild Ramps, Sicilian Pistachios, and Summer Truffle Coulis
Chateau Gillette, Sauternes, 1983

Sautéed Fillet of Pacific Black Cod
Chantrelle Mushrooms, Baby Artichokes, "Fiçoïde Glaciale" and Meyer Lemon Crème Fraîche

Sashimi of Australian Hiramasa
Dungeness Crab, Akita Komachi Rice, Purple Broccoli, Lychee and Bonito Broth
Francois St. Jean Marie, Ravenue Chablis, Blanchots 2006

"Caesar Salad"
Sweet Butter Poached Maine Lobster "Mitts," Tomato "Pain Perdue," Romaine Lettuce, Spring Garlic and "Anchoïade"
Wolfe Ranch White Quail
Couscous, Shishito Peppers, Sultana Raisins, Cilantro, and Sweet Carrot Vinaigrette
Chateau de Fonsalette, Côtes-du-Rhone 2006

Snake River Farms "Calotte de Boeuf Grillée"
Braised Brisket, Yukon Gold Potato, Green Asparagus, Red Radish and "Sauce Gribiche"
Roy S State, Cabernet, Napa 2005
"Pecorino Balze Volterrane"
"Farfalle," English Peas, Squash Blossoms, Pine Nuts, and Greek Basil Oil

Raspberry Sorbet
Andante Dairy Yogurt and French Laundry Garden Violet
Tokaj, Aszu 5 Puttonyos 2002

"Mousse Au Chocolat Blanc"
Royal Blenheim Apricot and Marcona Almonds
"île Flottante"
Lemongrass, Meiwa Kumkuat, Black Sesame and Ginger "Anglaise"
La Morandina, Moscato d' Asti 2010
"Coffee and Doughnuts"
Cappuccino Semifreddo with Cinnamon Sugar Doughnuts


The moment I sat comfortably in the meticulously maintained gardens just outside the kitchen of The French Laundry with a whimsical diminutive smoked salmon coronet in hand and a cool glass of "Cuvee French Laundry" resting on the table in front of me I knew I had taken my coveted place at restaurant regarded by many as the best America has to offer.

It is impossible to find fault with iconic, inspiring, and nearly flawless dishes like "Oysters and Pearls," "Lobster Mitts," and "Coffee and Doughnuts," but the notion that their classic Smoked Salmon Coronet Canape evolved from the moment a down trodden failure of NYC chef ate a simple Baskin Robbin's ice cream cone explains what dining at the French Laundry is all about. 

Thomas Keller.

This meal was a celebration of farm to table ingredients and the memorizing dishes only the confident and nimble hands of a legendary chef and his trusted team can produce. 

A shatteringly crisp fresh from the garden squash blossom
A sinfully tender squab "simply" prepared with more than 26 spices
An impeccably prepared Waygu and Black Angus rib eye
An unadulterated silken fois gras terrine

The French Laundry is mythical and renowned among foodies, vintners, and chefs for good reason; you can taste the passion in every bite. 

The. French. Laundry.
Culinary. Mecca.
The. Great. Thomas. Keller.
Inspiring. Chef.
Legendary. Dishes. Exceed. ALL. Expectations.
Make. The. Pilgrimage.

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