Monday, May 9, 2011

A Note on Motherhood

After I had Finn my mom came to stay with us for a week.  She cooked all our meals, cleaned the house, and cared for Emma with ease.  During that week she made me feel like a lucky young mother and her little girl all at the same time and lulled me into thinking parenting two kids would be easy.  Thanks to her I had slept, showered and eaten at regular intervals.  Then she went home and I realized she had been doing most of the work around here.

Leif snapped this classic picture the very first day we were alone with our two kids.  Emma is topless in a tutu (standard attire for her at the time), wearing three tiaras and curling my hair with the blue plastic iron from her beauty parlor play set.  Never mind that it looks like she has never seen a salon chair herself.  I am having my hair curled while breastfeeding a one week old Finn,  I am still wearing the ratty old t-shirt I'd slept in and  I am totally certain I did not have time to take a shower that day.  The hilarious reality of my new life was smacking me in the face at that very moment.
I guess what I love about this crazy picture of me and my babies is how accurately it depicts the clueless desperation all new mothers experience at one time or another.  When you see those wee creatures for the very first time everything feels like it will be snuggles and gurgles and nap time, but when reality sets in it becomes abundantly clear that there is a lot of colic, puke, and tantrums thrown in the mix, too. 

Mothering is simply a constant stream of imperfections littered with enough extraordinarily perfect moments to keep you moving onward without hesitation.  Before you know it, time simply starts to fly by.  One day not too long ago I was breast feeding my tiny red headed baby boy while having my hair curled by a tiara clad toddler and yesterday I watched my red headed almost man comment on how much he enjoys blue cheese on a steak and afterward went shopping with Emma for a dress for her 8th grade dance.

Cherish every moment of motherhood...especially the imperfect'll find they become the ones you look back on most fondly.


Mary said...

love it!

Penny said...

Beautifully said, Mel!!

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