Monday, May 23, 2011

Feeling Like a Winner in Second Place

 Forty-five people entered the Elsmo Challenge in the Fantasy Premier League this year and I have to say my competitive instincts kicked in like crazy!  My Melon Balllers were the surprise of the season (finishing in the top 5% of the more than 2 million entered) and not only did I come in second place in our league, I even ended up beating the director of coaching for Finn's soccer club by three points.  This was a particularly sweet victory as Murray commented in week four that if the Melon Ballers beat the Midfield General he would never coach, play, or speak of the beautiful game again. What he didn't realize was the fact that no-one can say something like that to me and get away with it!  I am probably one of the most competitive people in the world and despite my lack of knowledge, I pretty much made it my mission in life to beat him.  It was a nail biter right up to the very end, but don't worry, I told him that despite his narrow loss he can just buy me some champagne to celebrate with and put those pesky thoughts about quitting his job out of his head. 

The SS Rocket...managed by my brother...who played top-flight youth soccer, walked-on to a division 1 college team, coached several top-flight teams, and has followed EPL soccer for like his entire life...on the other hand, is having a hard time accepting my victory.  He has openly referred to me as the bane of his existence for the better part of the past 38 weeks and the fact that I defeated him quite handily has him "suddenly questioning everything."  This, of course, delights me on many levels.

To say that I am afraid to go up against these two next year is a pretty big understatement, but for now I will just relish in my victory!
 The truth is, I had more fun with this league than I can really say!  I found myself looking forward to starting my Sunday mornings watching phenomenal soccer games with my two favorite players...Finn and Leif.  Finn's, Flippin' Awesome Team, finished a respectable 20th and Laffyboi FC's bold moves earned him top honors, but most of all I really loved learning so much about the EPL so fast that I can actually have meaningful conversations with my guys on a subject they both care about so much.  Now when Finn's coach says something like, "Finn is channeling his inner Patrice Evra today" I actually know what that means.  How cool is that?

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