Sunday, May 29, 2011

An 8th grade dance.

When your birthday falls on the same day as the eighth grade dance the party planning options seem pretty obvious, but thanks to the after hours devotion of these two freakishly talented people Emma's big day exceeded all expectations!  I think they helped us throw the best pre-dance birthday party ever and Emma and all of her friends totally agree.
 Emma and four of her besties hit Harrison Street to have manicures and enjoyed some grilled pizza and fruit salad before our dining room was literally transformed into the most extraordinary make-shift salon!  It felt a little like Project Runway with out all the sewing!
All of the girls had such fun watching everyone get their hair and make-up done.  A few even commented that the experience felt like watching a television show and all of them left feeling like they had been in the presence of true artists!  I concur...these two are a force to be reckoned with.
Emma picked out these combs as a birthday present from her Grandma.  We all thought they added the perfect touch to Emma's vintage look and looked perfect with her slightly retro hair style.

The girls had a glorious afternoon and when it came time to put their looks together they all looked stunning! Before we knew it our little house was flooded with camera toting parents and the photo session began!
Emma picked out a classic dreess in a striking daffodil hue and her dad and I thought she looked timeless, confident, and quite mature.

Love. This. Girl.
It occurred to me as I snapped this photo of Juliette that I have known her since she was three years old.  It gave me such a thrill to see her looking so lovely and grown-up.  She and Emma share a forever kind of friendship and as a result Jbcoolcat has become a hugely important part of our lives. 
These four have been dancing together since third grade and as a result are thick as thieves...really gorgeous thieves!  Of course they also had to pose with the dynamic duo responsible for their hair and make-up!

Emma's date, Jack, arrived with birthday flowers in hand and confidently took his place among our quartet of beauties!  What a brave and lucky guy!

Even though they have been freinds for quite a while, this was a first everything for Emma and Jack and they handled themselves with confidence and treated each other with kindness.  He is such a gentleman and exactly they type of person we'd hoped Emma would share  her first date with.  I will be honest that I got a little choked up when she started walking away with Jack. She pretty much floated down the very sidewalk she used to skip down on her way to kindergarten.  Whoa.

I promised the amazing Michael some of my dumplings as part of our deal and after he gobbled them up Leif, Finn, and I headed to the Marion Street Cheese Market to have dinner with Jack's parents, brother and grand father.  I am not sure this day could have been any sweeter!
Following the dance Jack's parents brought them to Brown Cow to have  ice cream with their brothers and after sharing a table with Emma and Jack, Finn commented, " is pretty clear that Jack really likes her a lot.  He agrees with everything Emma says even when she is wrong!"
Emma headed over to a big sleepover with her girl friends after being dropped off, but not before gushing about the wonderful evening she had!  She shook her head and said, "I think I gave more than one hundred compliments tonight!  You know, I probably received that many, too! I was really pretty fantastic."  Sounds like a practically perfect day to me!


Anonymous said...

wow..she looked stunning!!what a beautiful day..planned by parents with total love!!!congratulations emma and friends on your 8th grade out o.p.r.f. you have some very talented students comming your way!

happy birthday sweetheart!

much love

patty xoxo

Angela said...

Oh my wow. This day looks absolutely perfect. In so many ways. (But I have to admit -- even I just got a little pit in my stomach).

Mary said...

Love Emma's dress! She looked beautiful. My heart did beat slightly faster than normal reading the post. They are all growing up so fast. TJ had his 1st dance last year, but has aged 5 years from his 1st year of HS

Penny said...

totally sweet moment!! She and the girls were breathtaking.

sanguinea said...

You made me cry, Mel. What a lovely photo tribute to a lovely day! - Jen

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