Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tuesday Night Rock Show

 One of Emma's favorite bands is Freelance Whales and when she and Leif discovered they were going to be playing at The Metro for an all ages show they hatched a plan to go!  Two of Emma's friends were able to join in on the fun, too.  They all enjoyed a quick dinner at Wrigley Dogs before heading to The Metro.

 The girls had a phenomenal time!  Attending a show at the Metro is certainly a rite of passage for any Chicago girl and the place was packed to the gills by the time Foals went on stage! The girls were as intrigued by the crowd as they were by the bands and even had some beer spilled on their shoes.  Leif said that all three girls handled themselves with a good deal of street smart savvy and are well on their way to becoming seasoned concert goers!

I have to say that I think my husband is just about the coolest dad ever! 
I don't think Emma would disagree.

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