Friday, April 22, 2011

Tasting Night.

Yesterday evening I hosted my final tasting night for the Irving Staff Appreciation Committee.  I made a lovely altar to honor our bracelet mascot, set out some wine and a Thanksgiving feast!

The food is totally delicious and I firmly believe our staff will more than enjoy their lunch next month.  Personally, I can't imagine a better meeting!  Folks get to drink a little wine, enjoy a memorable meal and walk away with a fist full of cash!  Of course, reality will set in for the two people who agreed to cook thirty-five pounds of potatoes and the turkey roasters are going to have to embrace the idea that those birds will have to be in the oven at 6am, but that's why I run this meeting like a great big bribe! 

At the end of the evening I was distressed to find that our coveted bracelet mascot had gone missing once again!  Thank heaven, I found the wayward jewelry in my mailbox the next day!
I have a feeling it is going to be an incredible year for this committee!

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