Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Send-Off.

Our best friends are moving away and we are pretty darn sad about it for selfish reasons, but we also know that the Pfour will love life "up the road" in Wisconsin!  Our entire family is mourning the fact our friends will no longer be a part of our daily lives, but we are confident we are going to make some pretty fantastic memories together in the future!  After all, Leif and Brian have been best friends for about thirty years!  I think it would take more than ninety miles of interstate to break up that relationship.  So...what about saying good-bye?  Pen, Aim, and I planned a grand celebration of friendship through food for Brian and Ang in hopes of sending them off on their new adventure with a head full of memories!  I think we totally succeeded.
We started the evening off with an assortment of memorable appetizers in the living room. We were supposed to enjoy them on the deck, but it always rains the first evening we'd like to entertain in our back yard and last night was no exception! Penny did an amazing job of selecting items her family had enjoyed sharing with the Pettits during their annual Christmas Eve celebrations. We served everyone a Pimm's Cup with the hors d' oeuvres because no-one had ever tasted Pimm's before the Pettit's introduced us to it.
Pimm's Cup
2 oz Pimm's No.1
Ginger Ale
Lemon slices and Cucumber slices

Pour the Pimms over ice in a chilled high ball glass.  Add the soda and a lightly squeezed lemon slice.  Stir gently and garnish with cucumber slices.

After finishing our appetizers we moved on to a course we served in the dining room and called "Looking Back on a Birthday."  When Ang turned forty Brian asked me to help him throw her a party and I put together an Asian inspired buffet. In memory of that special day I set the table with an Asian theme and put out some individual take out boxes that featured chicken dumplings, asparagus, bok choy and pea pods.  They were quite delicious and paired beautifully with out "spa water."  Penny had never had cucumber water before she met Ang!

No birthday party is complete without presents and this celebration was no exception!  We passed along the Alinea cook book and the Frigs passed along a deviled egg plate, but the Tillotsons stole the show with instructions on how to make Graham's  miraculous campfire starters!  It was just awesome!

From there we moved on to the living room to enjoy a "Freezer Section Resurrection."  The Frigs enjoyed making pizza with the Pettits on Easter one year and Chris recreated a favorite pizza from that evening for all of us to enjoy; it featured prosciutto, corn, and arugula.   We served them on Home Run Inn Pizza platters because of a culinary short cut I once took! In addition to serving the gorgeous pizza, Chris organized an incredible Belgian Beer tasting!  I also returned my copies of the Pettits' house keys with this course.

We orchestrated a quick centerpiece change in the dining room and moved onto "The Feverish F#%k Off" and "Pasta Perfection."  The first was just a little nip of Limoncello to remind our naughty husbands of a night when that potent drink got the better of them and the second was a lovely portion of Pasta Bolognese to commemorate a dinner party disaster!  We also sipped on a bottle of 85-10-5 wine that we enjoyed with the Pettits on Christmas.

From there we braved the wintry weather and "Clustered Around the Campfire" for Aim's famous s'mores and Dejan's cold Budweiser! We have all spent many night around the campfire together and this seemed to be a fitting way to end our evening, but not before downing a flaming Sambuca shot to ensure health, happiness, and prosperity. We passed along a framed copy of the evening's menu for Brian and Angela that Aim had beautifully designed. I honestly don't think we could have planned a more perfect send off for our friends and as much as we hate to see them go I am sure looking forward to their visits!
"Fan the sinking flames of hilarity with the wing of friendship; and pass the rosy wine."
-Charles Dickens
You'll be our friends forever, but we'll sure miss having you as neighbors.


Virtual Farmgirl said...

Just amazing. What a great tribute to your friendship.

Angela said...

I've been thinking about last night all day long. You guys really outdid yourselves, and I'm almost wondering if there is any way we can change our minds and stay. We've known each other for years, but these last six have been particularly memorable as our families have grown up together. We've loved being your neighbors, and look forward to many good times ahead. Thank you for so much.

Nubia said...

such an amazing send off! almost made me cry....super sweet.

Good luck on the move! It was great meeting you, Ang.

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