Monday, April 18, 2011

Kuma's Corner

Yesterday, we headed into the city with Kaberi, Vik, and Nadim to wait in line (really, it went around the corner) for a table at Kuma's Corner.  We knew were about to enjoy a heavy metal tinged burger with a name like 'Iron Maiden,' 'Metallica,' or 'Slayer,' but I honestly had no idea just how worth the wait they would actually be! Amazing.
Finn, quite literally hung around for the half an hour before the doors opened (thanks for the great pic, Nadim) and we gave this beautiful mom-to-be a gift for her little-one.  We love giving Mysterio t-shirts and it predicted Vik and Kaberi's baby will be a dog show judge!  Too cute!
When the doors to Kuma's Corner opened we split our party and managed to snag the last table in the first seating.  Phew!  If we hadn't we would have had to wait at least an hour longer, but to be honest I think the food would have been worth a wait that long, too!
Our adorable tattooed server dropped the f-bomb within minutes of greeting us and when we didn't even flinch she probably figured it was okay we had the kids in Kuma's edgy environment despite the fact that we probably looked about as suburban as our family ever does and there are pictures of naked women in in the men's room!  Outside of the wait staff at Alinea, she was, hands down, the best server we've had in very long time.  Funny, attentive, authentic, and hard working...just a total pleasure to be around!  She also reminded us that polite kids are universally appreciated and showered me with compliments about our kids.  That was just about as delicious as the burgers!

We started off by following Kaberi's recommendation and picked up an order of Mac n' Cheese for the table. We embellished ours with broccoli and peas because I was pretty sure our meal would be a little short on veggies, but even with our "healthy" additions, this dish was all about the cheese and pretty much flawlessly executed! It didn't even need a pinch of salt and that is pretty incredible considering dairy deadens flavor in an instant; one bite and I knew these people knew what was up! 
That mac n' cheese is not to be missed and even though we could have easily scarfed down the entire plate we opted to take most of it home to leave room for at least some of the 10oz burger each of us had on the way! So...what burgers did we order?

Chorizo Red Potato Hash, Pico de Gullo, Cayenne Avocado Cream, Tortilla Strips.

BBQ sauce, Cheddar, Bacon, Frizzled Onions

Led Zeppelin 
Pulled Pork, Bacon, Cheddar, Pickles

Our Famous Kuma Burger 
Bacon, Cheddar, Fried Egg
Here is the thing...this was a crazy good burger that totally lived up to the hype.  Despite a jammed restaurant and a two hour wait for a table, three cooks were pumping quality fare out of a kitchen the size of a closet at an astonishingly fast rate.  I have never really seen anything like it!  I would go back in a second because any burger topped with a fried egg is divine, but the Kuma burger takes this concept to a whole new level! It was a delicious mess! The egg was perfectly cooked, the burger was nicely seasoned, and the pretzel bun had enough texture and flavor to stand up to all that moisture.  They add in a little bacon and cheddar to round out the dish and it almost felt like eating breakfast on a burger and that was perfectly fine with me!  That sandwich matched right up with my Bloody Mary mind-set! Oh...and skip the fries. Their chips are fan-freaking-tastic!

Kuma's Corner is not for the faint of heart; is a heavy metal centric carnivorous experience!  All four of us would go back for the burgers and Finn would happily go back for the burger and another trip to the bathroom!  He left Kuma's Corner a little more manly that he was when he arrived!
2900 W. Belmont
Chicago, IL


Angela said...

Ok, I'm totally craving a burger now. That looks amazing! Yet another reason for a visit.

Ali said...

Made my mouth water! Need to go there!

Virtual Farmgirl said...

OK. Just added this to my "Must-Do Sooner-Than-Later List."

Matt Cote said...

Great spot. It still takes top honors in our burger club at work.

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