Friday, April 29, 2011

Happily Ever After

The Elsmo Four were all awake at 4:00am today to take in the royal wedding.  I am fairly certain that I was the only one who really felt compelled to take in the festivities live at that ungodly hour, but the fact that my family humored me in such grand fashion is something I won't soon forget.  To thank them for their early rise, I provided a proper English tea and crumpets with cherry jam. 

As the sun rose we watched a real love story unfold and I couldn't help but think about how profoundly Princess Diana's wedding in1981 effected me; I learned to believe in fairy tales when I watched that wedding and grew up  just a little when it all fell apart.  The imagery of that wedding, however, has been burned on my brain for the better part of my life.  

When Andrew and Sarah wed and became the Duke and Duchess of York in 1986, I watched it live with my grandma Schmelzer on the hide-a-bed in her den.  She made popcorn at 5:00am and to this day sharing that time with her  remains one of my favorite childhood memories.  

To say that welcoming the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at the crack of dawn with my family represented a rite of passage would be an understatement.  Emma curled up and slept through part of it, Finn lamented that the lace collar clad choir boys were probably never even allowed to wear jeans, Leif cracked jokes the entire time, and I was (of course) appropriately chocked up. Taking in the splendor of today's royal wedding with Emma, Finn, and Leif reminded me once again that happily ever after is a lot more than a myth.  Sure, I may wear aprons instead of tiaras, but the three crown jewels in my life make me feel like a princess every day.
Cheers to happily ever after!

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Angela said...

It was stunning, wasn't it? Definitely better than a fairy tale.

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