Saturday, April 23, 2011

Good Friday Pizzas

Yesterday evening we continued our Good Friday tradition with the Gills and enjoyed an assortment of Sue's incredible home-made pizzas!  She has a way with the crust and her creative toppings never disappoint!  Wine flowed as she rolled the dough and all of us settled in to enjoy a trio of memorable pies!
Fontina, Mushroom, and Truffle Oil

Pancetta, Aged Romano, Egg, Frizzled Sage, and Olive Oil

Roasted Beet, Gruyere, Walnut, and Arugula

Honestly, I look forward to this evening more than our friends could ever know.  I find myself thinking about that beet pizza at various points throughout the year and actually crave it in the week I know I'll be eating it!  Thanks for another amazing evening, friends! 
Every Friday we've spent with you has been good and this one was no exception!

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