Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sushi 101

This week-end I had the chance to head out to the Japanese markets once again!  This time around I was a Christmas gift for my friend Miss Mia and she was looking to learn how to roll some sushi and steam some mussels.  We headed to Mitsuwa on Sunday morning and started our day with a piping hot bowl of udon noodles before touring the market and selecting our ingredients!

Following our shopping adventure we headed back to Mia's house to whip up some chicken dumplings, maki rolls, and mussels with tempura shrimp and asparagus!
Mia served her memorable meal to her eager family  and rumor has it she even wrapped up some more dumplings on her own for her family later in the day! Way to go!

After leaving Mia and returning from a late day soccer game (Finn had an amazing game and the Striker's won handily), I surprised Emma, Finn, and Leif with ingredients for our own Japanese dinner!  Emma cooked up some Bok Choi and we rolled maki rolls like masters!

What a fantastic and delicious way to spend a Sunday night!

We had a chance to donate to the tsunami relief efforts while we were at the Japanese market today, but everyone should consider helping out.  

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