Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Signs of things to come.

 To be perfectly honest it breaks my heart to see the Pfour's gorgeous house littered with moving boxes.  Seeing all those cardboard stacks forces me think about all the changes on the horizon and I end up feeling sentimental about moments like this impromptu cuddle up our kids shared not too long ago.
 If I was forced to look on the bright side of this situation I'd have to say that I am glad Ang is really popular.  A lot of people want to  savor her last moments as an Oak Parker and wish her well; lucky for me, I get to go along sometimes!
 Last night, Ang and I met up with our friends Midge and Lib for a little wine and conversation!  These three ladies are among my favorites for sure and Leif even commented that I was "going out with the cool girls" before I left last night.  I have to say he is totally right and I tried to fit in as best I could!
Thanks ladies!  
We definitely have to do this again before that darn house is empty.

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