Sunday, March 13, 2011

Maki Your Way!

Yesterday, I was an 18th birthday gift!  I took an Ivy League bound birthday girl and a trio of her friends to the Japanese Markets in Arlington Heights to shop for sushi ingredients and returned home with them to make a stellar lunch. A roll your own maki birthday party? Um...yeah, this was my kind of celebration!
At the request of the birthday girl we started out by making some steamed shrimp and shiso dumplings.  I was careful to let each person make one part of the dish so when it came time to taste the dumplings each one could explain their part in making it.  I think they were happy with the result of their efforts as I over heard someone say, "Wow!  You guys, we totally made something delicious together!"  Needless to say that little insight made my day!
From there we moved onto rolling maki!  Their rolls were exquisite and thoughtfully prepared and their '18th Birthday Everything Futomaki' could have easily been on any sushi bar menu around town!  It was an incredible combination of maguro, hamachi, sake, unagi, cucumber, and mango!


English Grader 1 said...

They had such a great time. You were the best present ever. I am a happy mom.

Nubia said...

oh my...why didn't I think of that?! Chef Mel as my birthday present - that's awesome!

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