Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Jambalaya Cook-off!

My friend, Midge, suggested that I enter the 17th annual Jambalaya Cook-Off at Fitzgerald's in Berwyn and last night I put up my offering against nine other competitors in celebration of Lundi Gras while enjoying the sounds of Nathan and the Zydeco Cha Chas.  I put in a good amount of effort perfecting my dish (read more about it at Inspire Mel), but generally went into the contest feeling totally clueless!
I was happy with my andouille, duck, and shrimp jambalaya and had a great time serving it up to hundreds of tasters and a judges panel with my friend Rhonda, but had no idea I would come away with first place honors!!
After I picked up my shiny chef trophy several people came over to show me they had written my name on their hands to prove they knew I was going to win before results were revealed.  What a great ego boost and fun way to spend a Monday night!!
Happy Fat Tuesday!  
You can bet The Elsmo Four will not be having jambalaya for dinner tonight!


Mary said...

How fun is that! Congratulations

Nubia said...

so fun! congrats

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