Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Hummel Awards.

I once served as a private event chef  for a family that invented a pretty famous little candy and enjoyed a rather extravagant life as a result of their sweet success.  Their palatial home was decorated in candy colored shades; they had a more than one Ferrari in the garage, a terrifying assortment of taxidermy animals as a result several safaris, and an even more terrifying collection of Hummel figurines.  To say that I had little in common with these people would be a gross understatement.  Seriously, I almost left the house when I saw the elephant tusks hanging above their fireplace, but when I saw their room full of Hummels (yes, an entire room full) I simply thought of my grandma.  

My grandma adored Hummels and she  taught me to love Hummels when I was a little girl. She taught me to appreciate the craftsmanship behind the figures, respect the value of the little statuettes, and educated me about the status that came with owning one or (if you were lucky) many.  Owning  some Hummels meant you had made it in life.
My grandma never owned any Hummels of her own, but my Grandma bought me Hummels.

As I moved into adulthood and left the Precious Moments and music box phase of my life behind, I'll admit that my love and appreciation for the Hummel waned, but I never got rid of the hand painted selections my grandma gave me.  Yesterday, while I was dusting the very bottom shelf of my curio cabinet, I considered the vastness of my small collection.  All of them are signed and many of them are even  labled West Germany.  My array of friendly hand painted faces span twenty years of my life.  So here they are the Hummel awards of my life...

awarded in 1982 upon making my first communion.
awarded for performing in my first Nutcracker.
awarded upon making my confirmation.
awarded upon my completion of elementary school.
The coveted "Goose Girl" awarded upon graduating from high school.
awarded upon marrying Leif.
awarded upon giving birth to Emma.

Awarded upon giving birth to Finn.

I guess it would stand to reason I have made something of myself according to my grandma...the lover of Hummels.  It feels like she knew I would do something special with this little life of mine and to know she viewed me as Hummel worthy is among the greatest compliments of my life. 

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