Sunday, March 13, 2011

Final Matinee

Emma began performing with Momenta when she was in fourth grade. Over the years she has enjoyed playing everything from a duck, the hot spice 'cumin', and a snake charmer in their charming productions and today marked Emma's final matinee performance. We cannot think of a better role than the Flower Fairy 'Delight' in Rosenella to celebrate the end to her years performing in so many heartwarming ballets for children. Next season she'll be performing as a senior apprentice in evening Momenta shows!


Mary said...

Emma is just beautiful....she looks like a model!

Anonymous said...

A grandma just has to have the closeup picture to show her friends.

The one with Juliet would be great to.

Any chance she could get them.

Love MD

Mel said...

For sure mom!!

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