Wednesday, March 2, 2011


When my husband brings something like this home at the end of the day I find I am less likely to nag him about taking out the recycling or hanging up his suit coat. And when he points out where his first three shots were in relation to all the rest...well then I  pretty much consider never asking him lift a trigger happy finger ever again...until, I remember he doesn't own a gun.  Thank heavens. 
Last night, Leif participated the Chicago Police Department's Mini Academy at the Education and Training Division as part of his LGC experience.  They started off the evening in a  classroom setting learning about the Legalities of Deadly Force and then proceeded to scenario training.  Of course they covered weaponry and Leif took his turn with a Glock 17.  He learned how to fire in a traditional stationary stance from an individual trainer, but also learned to fire on the move and covered both retreating and approaching while firing.  He did well, but has nothing on a Chicago Cop; they log no less than 1000 hours of weaponry training before hitting the streets in uniform.

Visiting the technology lab allowed the class to learn more about the POD (Police Observation Devices)monitoring system, a live action felony traffic stop kept the team on their toes, and video scenario training with laser weapons put Leif in the role of "lead officer" in a school hostage situation.  He had tunnel vision (he didn't even see the kids on the floor), but was complimented on his ability to handle a volatile situation verbally.  Of course after all that talking my trigger happy husband ended up shooting the perp, but not before getting shot himself.

Leif was honored to participate in the mini academy and his respect for the complexities law enforcement officers face in the field grew ten fold.  I guess you could say he was blown away!

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