Sunday, March 27, 2011

Another Cozy LGC Dinner...

 Yesterday evening, Leif and I hosted a pretty incredible couple for dinner!  Leif met Kaberi through LGC and she and her husband, Vik,  rapidly became two  people we just had to have over for dinner!  They are both foodies and their warm and engaging personalities totally inspired me to get creative in the kitchen.  After taking a driving tour of Oak Park with Leif and Finn as guides the four of us settled in for a cozy eight course dinner!
 Garden Abstraction*
roasted radish. watercress. lavender goat cheese. dried olives
 Peas and Carrots
chicken consomme. peas. carrots.dill. parmesan crostini
 B & B
beets. bomboloni. marcona almond. maytag.
 Soda Pop*
lemon grass. serrano. ginger. bubbles
sweet. spicy. chicken. shrimp. golden garlic.

Fish and a Mistreated Vegetable
(no photo)
cod. smoked paprika. fried brussels sprouts
sourdough. egg yolk. asparagus fontina. white truffle
Seriously, I am so grateful these two joined us last night and I honestly think the four of us will be friends well beyond Leif and Kaberi's time as LGC fellows! I cannot wait to have Indian food at their place!

* The entire meal was quite good, but honestly these two dishes had me beyond excited!  Both used new techniques that I cannot wait play around with a little more!


Colleen said...

they really look delicious

Seattle Real Estate said...

we are blessed to have you in our lives. yes, this foursome (or seven-some!) will continue for many many years to come.

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