Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Day 2011!

 Just as the snow started falling outside yesterday we placed a large metal bowl on our deck railing and waited for the storm to hit.  Sure there were skeptics out there, but man they are eating their words now!  District 97 closed their doors for the first time in forty years!

This was indeed the snowpocalypse and the incredible storm dumped close to 2 feet of snow on our little postage stamp sized city lot!  Our neighbor, Al, always goes the extra mile and uses his snow blower on the entire block!  We are all grateful for his efforts, but looking at how full our snow bowl got over night, I'd say Al is going to be pretty sore tomorrow!

 The morning started with a little back door sledding!

 We shoveled until we didn't have a place to put it anymore and then we opened the back gate...
 ...we had drifts against our fence and garage door pushing close to 5ft!

 We all took turns shoveling, but these two did most of the work and I rewarded them with a Truffle Egg Sandwich.  I am sure they will never forget eating their upscale breakfast in the alley!

 Even agile Java and reluctant little Lu got in on all the winter action!

 I made good on my pizza roll promise! I even plated them up like a little amuse just to be amusing!  Not to worry Leif had a manly bowl of these triple meat bombs, too!
 Emma turned that great big bowl of snow into snowcream! Isn't that adorable?  It was really quite delicious and all she did was add a little sugar, vanilla, and milk to the bowl of freshly fallen snow.
 We finished out the day with some hearty beef stew and Monopoly!
And the good news is we get to do it again tomorrow.  
School has been canceled again!!

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Nubia said...

Look at poor Lucy!!!! LOL

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