Sunday, February 13, 2011


Starting about a decade ago, every time we'd drive down 22nd street Leif would pause and say, "Man, I really want to eat at the Czech Plaza" and each and every time I would look at the no curb appeal building with florescent light in the windows and respond, "I know Babe, but I am not so sure we want to eat at a restaurant with the word 'plaza' in the name."  Yes, I can be a little bit of a snob sometimes, but I have the same aversion to the word 'banquet.' And wouldn't you know it?  They host banquets at the Czech Plaza.  Nightmare.

Despite my objections, Leif's fascination with the Czech Plaza increased over time and he became ever more fixated on what was going on behind all those mini-blinds.  Somewhere around 2005, Leif dropped an issue of Chicago Magazine in front of me that named Czech Plaza one of the bargain dining spots in the Chicago land area. Well...I know when to back down and decided we'd probably be eating the the old Plaza asap!  Honestly, we went the week the magazine came out and were not disappointed!  To this day I have a picture of Leif eating his first meal at the Czech Plaza hanging on my refrigerator and it makes me smile everyday.

 Last night we met up with a bunch of friends at the well-loved Berwyn establishment and dined on Czech Rebel Pilsner beers, liver dumpling soup, and roasted caraway duck. Everyone in the the Czech Plaza is lovely and kind, the fare is filling and comforting, and the bill is as easy to swallow as those big Czech beers!  Don't eat much before you go and even then I'd bet there are few folks who can take down all three dumplings!  I sure couldn't!
 So Leif won this battle and I am thrilled he did. 
The Plaza is even better when great friends join in the fun!  Check it out!

7016 W Cermak Road
Berwyn, IL

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Penny said...

Thanks so much for suggesting this place as an alternate to the chili date (which BTW I will make up...girl scouts promise!). It was great to see everyone....seems like FOREVER! YUM.

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