Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Marriage Metaphor

 A 'schwa' is an unstressed vowel and an extraordinary restaurant.
Getting a reservation at Schwa is a little like beating the odds.
The restaurant is ranked among the top five most difficult reservations to secure and landing one takes an average of three months and about one hundred fifty phone calls.
Leif and I had an eight o'clock reservation at Schwa tonight.
To say we were excited about dining there  is an enormous understatement.
The biggest irony of  landing our table at this elusive establishment rests in the fact I called once, the chef answered after half a ring and ended up granting us a reservation on our anniversary.

Enter Snowmaggedon 2011. 
Needless to say we didn't feel comfortable leaving the kids during a weather emergency and, blindsided by a blizzard, were forced to cancel our plans and planned a Monopoly marathon with Emma and Finn.  After we had given up hope, we were surprised when, at 4:30 this afternoon, Schwa called to offer us a reservation on a different day.  
We'll be dining there next week; it was meant to be.
Leif and I have beaten a great many odds in our marriage.  
We fell in love when I was nineteen and we were parents by the time I was twenty-two.  We entered into adulthood at a pretty rapid clip, started our marriage with a sense of ease, and never really considered how others would view us; we always just thought we were meant to be.  I have it on pretty good authority there were people out there who thought we wouldn't last as husband and wife for more than a year and here we are fourteen years later.  And we are still madly in love.  Sure there have been bumps in the road in our relationship and yes, the occasional storm has stopped us dead in our tracks, but we have always been resilient and open to changing course.  Over the years we've come to understand that things usually work out perfectly in the end.
Cheers to fourteen beautiful years of married life.
Just be Schwa.


Nubia said...

Schwa = super customer service + I bet the food will be awesome! Happy anniversary to two of my favorite peeps.....lots of continued happiness! Enjoy Snowtorious BIG 2011 (this one will be one for the books for sure)!

Angela said...

Happy anniversary! I'm glad everything worked out with your dinner plans. I can't WAIT to hear all about it. Cheers one of our very favorite couples.

Mary said...

I got chills reading that...in the future you will alway remember this anniversary just a little bit more than the others. Good for you guys! Im so happy you "youngsters" moved across the ally from me so long ago.

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