Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Icons of Early American Dance

This morning, with her teachers' permission, Emma and a small group of her fellow dancers headed down to the Harold Washington Library to perform as part of the visual and performing arts programs offered by the Chicago Public Library.  Today's program entitled, Icons of Early American Dance: Isadora Duncan, Ruth St. Denis, and Doris Humphrey represented a collaboration between Stephanie Clemens & MOMENTA and Lori Belilove&The Isadora Duncan Dance Company.
(On the left, Miss Doris Humphrey and on the right, Miss Emma Elsmo)

Emma has been working diligently over the past few months learning A Burmese Yen Pwe choreographed in 1925 by Ruth St. Denis and Doris Humphrey.  Originally performed as a solo by Doris Humphrey, the piece was reconstructed as a duet for MOMENTA in 1988 by Karoun Tootikian of the Ruth St. Denis Foundation.  As part of the performance today, Emma and her best friend Juliette performed the sweet, upbeat, and bouncy piece together for the first time. 
Choreographed by Ruth St. Denis and Doris Humphrey

Choreographed by Isadora Duncan
Lori Belilove rehearsing Isadora Duncan's moving solo entitled Revolutionary.
Emma had the chance to take a Duncan master class from Lori Belilove over the week-end and it was quite and eye-opening experience for her! This afternoon she commented that Emma is a dancer who shows much promise and feels a Duncan workshop is in her future.  Needless to say, Emma had an extraordinary afternoon and we all have a better understanding of the dances she is learning every day.  I am delighted that Emma is experiencing the joy and a privilege of keeping history alive!

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An absolutely beautiful young lady

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