Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fun Fair!

This year marks our last "official" fun fair at Irving.  I am sure we'll attend even after Finn moves onto Julian, but I am sure it won't feel quite the same.  Finn adores the Fun Fair and most especially loves the pie in the face contest!  This year the contestants upped the anti and added performed a group dance!  The New Beats (all the new Irving teachers) took home the "Irving's Best Dance Crew" throphy, but the The Rejects (including Emma's former teacher Mr. Sak) earned the most money and a pie in the face!  Even though The Beat Street did not win either award our principal deserves an honorable mention for breaking it down in front a packed house of cheering fans!  He rocked it!
I am also thrilled with my big win at the silent auction! 
I cannot think of a better way for our family to commemorate the end of our Irving school years than taking home this vintage card catalog from the school library...
Bidding on this item got a little heated, but thankfully I won out in the end,
I love the idea of owning a little piece of Irving history!

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Mary said...

I love the card catalog. Fun Fair sure does look like a lot of fun...I love how the teachers get involved. I can't say it enough...when did the kids all grow up? To even think of no elementary school age kids is just insane

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