Friday, February 25, 2011

A bathroom notice

My friend found this sign in the ladies room of a public library.
How many times did officials find more than one person in a stall before determining it was a problem large enough to warrant hanging a sign stating the rule?  How many arrests have been made for this violation over the years?

The questions just keep coming, but that is an unquestionably funny sign!


Andrew said...

Um... these signs are pretty much status quo at many, ahem, gay bars I have visited over the years, for obvious reasons. The lady's room at a public library, though?? Was this in Oak Park?

Mel said...

It was not an Oak Park ladies was at the Harold Washington Library. Maybe they are standard in all library bathrooms so as not to discriminate against one gender? I am sure women would/could enjoy a little bathroom tryst, just seems like the toilet might get in the way.

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