Wednesday, February 9, 2011

View from a Buffet

 Yesterday afternoon I had the privilege of cooking and serving an early dinner to a group of about 50 managers from a well known real estate company and while I love cooking just about anywhere, the view from this particular venue is among the best I've ever enjoyed.
 Guests enjoyed a few appetizers with drinks before moving on to a Mexican inspired buffet!  I was very excited about miniaturinzg my pumpkin molé dish into a one bite skewer,

 I fell in love with the eco-friendly dinnerware I found made from fallen palm leaves!  The look of the plates fit the casual theme perfectly and are both biodegratable and renewable!  The buffet featured two types of rice and an assortment of toppings including pork carnitas, orange hacked chicken, roasted vegetables, pickled onions, vegetarian black beans, assorted sauces and crunchy garnishes.  Guests were instructed to mix and match their meal according to their own personal tastes.  I caught a few folks heading back for thirds!!

 This event is fast and furious; it begins and ends in less than two hours.  Our little sprint ended with a sweet treat I liked to call Mexican Lollipops.  I made a quick sauce with melted dark chocolate, cream, orange zest, a dash each of coffee and orange juice,  a generous amount of Mexican cinnamon, and a little corn syrup for shine.  I skewered some glazed cake donut holes on long bamboo skwers and gave them a quick dunk before passing them out!  Give it a won't regret it!


Angela said...

Yum! It looks amazing, and I've only heard great, great things about the event. Thanks!

Mary said...

that looks good! The last picture has my same back splash tile...woohoo

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