Friday, January 7, 2011


I used to talk to Megan on the phone at work and the first time I finally met her in person she looked at me and said, "Melissa, is that you? Wow! You don't look anything like I thought you would. I thought you would be gorgeous." She totally didn't mean what she said and the laughter that followed pretty much cemented our friendship and her place in our wedding party, but not before I accidentally spilled a glass of champagne down her back after she gave an incredible opera concert!
(Megan and our friend Scott in our wedding 1997)

Over the years that followed Ang and Megan became friends and we spent some time cooking around town and hanging out before big weddings together. Megan was there when Finn was born. Our portrait of Emma at one year old was taken on the side of the road in Megan's hometown and she and Ang made paper hats at Emma's s third birthday party like champs! (Ang and Megan circa 2000)

Years and distance can get between people pretty easily and I am sorry to say Ang and I lost track of Megan. Even though I was a sleep deprived young mother of two and our lives had become radically different when we quietly parted ways, I was never comfortable with the distance between Megan and me. I tried tracking her down a couple of times to no avail and lo and behold, through the magic of Facebook she found me earlier this year. And she lives in Africa. Yes, Africa...Zambia to be exact.

Last night the three of us had the reunion I had been craving for so many years! Considering she only comes home every two years I was thrilled she could spare some time to see us. All I am going to say is the stories of Megan's life are overwhelming and shocking and gritty and inspiring. You can check out what she is doing with Action Zambia here.

She heads back home next week and I hope she has a safe trip and enjoys the next chapter in her beautiful life. It is my sincerest hope our paths cross again.

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Angela said...

This is a good story. It was definitely fun to catch up. I'm so excited and amazed by all Megan has done in those years. Very inspiring. P.S I totally forgot about those hats!

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