Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Leif's Santas

Several years ago I decided that I would love to have a collection of santas to add to my holiday decoration arsenal. My mom was clearly the best person to task with picking out a Santa for us each year, but she already generously collects Nutcrackers for me, snowmen for Emma, and Mouse ornaments for Finn. That left me with just one option. I casually mentioned to my mom that I thought Leif would really love to be a part of our holiday traditions and that he divulged that he'd like to start collecting santas. We'll she fell for it and Leif was none the wiser. On the Christmas following our "Leif loves santas" conversation she presented him with his very first santa for his special collection. Despite a brief flicker of confusion on his face and a slightly furrowed brow, he gracefully accepted his odd ball gift and we put his new trinket on display for the holidays.
The following year my mom gave another Santa to Leif and he was even more confused, but accepted his gift with gratitude once again. I knew the jig was up when my mom made a comment about how much fun she was having picking out santas for his collection. Leif leaned over to me and whispered something like, "Why the hell would your mother think I wanted a santa collection?" Suddenly the absolute absurdity of what I had done was clear to everyone and we all had a pretty good laugh (especially Leif and my mom) over the whole thing!

My mom has continued to give Leif a santa every year since and now he totally looks forward to receiving his annual santa from my mom and loves seeing them on display in our house! Who ever said holiday traditions can't be born out of manipulation was totally wrong.

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