Wednesday, December 15, 2010

In the kitchen

When I was asked to participate in a little cooking segment for WCIU's You&Me in the Morning with Jane Monzures, I couldn't figure out how they would be able to film in my tiny kitchen without it being all boobs and fire...I mean that is a lot of voluptuousness right next to the stove! I remained confident that Chris, the camera man, would have things well in hand, and proceeded with reckless abandon. Well, Chris and Jane rocked it and I think it turned out pretty well in the end! I did, however, learn a couple of things if I ever have the opportunity to cook on camera again.
  • When working next to a diminutive host avoid wearing an apron with ruffles around the midsection. Enough said.
  • Consider perspective when selecting the dish to prepare. Those tiny pancakes are delicious, but next time I might cook up a side of beef just to keep the size perspective in my favor. Anyone would look smaller on camera while holding a 20lb Turkey than a 5 oz quail. Duh. Lesson learned.
  • I think my voice is horribly shrill and "um" and "there you go" are things I should not ever be allowed to say. "Kit and Kaboodle," however, is totally fair game.
Beyond that I thought, for a first attempt at cooking on camera, it went pretty well!
Check out the segment below and then try out the recipe!


kswen said...

Love it! Mel, you look radiant! You did a great job. Bravo!!!!

Tee said...

How fun! Somehow I think this won't be the last time you cook on TV!!

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