Wednesday, December 15, 2010

High Maintenance

I will cut to the chase. Finn is extraordinarily high maintenance when it comes to his hair. He gets so nervous when he gets it cut because he knows it will turn out "poofy" or "square" and then he sits in the salon chair quietly fighting back tears and complains about how he looks non-stop for the next two weeks. Then he grows it out until he looks like a total ragamuffin and I force him to get it cut. Then the entire process starts all over again!

Today, I arranged for a little something different for Finn and his hair. I called over to Pagani and begged them to please, please, please see Finn even though the salon does not typically work with kids. I explained that Finn is in fact a child, but certainly not childish about his hair and Michael agreed to see him. Finn entered the salon armed with a photo he had downloaded with a hairstyle he liked and strict instructions for Michael that should never look like Justin Bieber. Michael looked at the picture and said, "Well, this isn't a Bieber cut at all. This is what we call a 'modern mullet' and a lot of European Soccer players are wearing this look." Right then and there I knew this was a match made in hair heaven! And then the magic happened!
Michael spent an hour cutting his hair and Finn is beyond thrilled with the result! He was beaming from ear to ear the entire time he was having it cut and keeps looking in the mirror now that he is home! I am just so happy that he is happy.

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