Saturday, November 20, 2010


I don't consider myself a crafty person. I love to create, but rarely do my efforts include tools like glue guns, nails, or exacto knives. I am more of a knife and cutting board kind of girl, but occasionally I'll delve into the world of the crafter. That way when Leif comes home from work and asks how my day was I can say alluring things like, "My day was fine. I made candles." And then he looks at me like I've misplaced my bonnet and he forgot to shoot our dinner on his way home from working at the mill.
Moments like that tickle me.
I love Thanksgiving and I love the fact that we are sharing the day this year with our longtime friend and holiday companion, Ed and his kids. For me, the only downside to leaving our cozy home for the holidays is my desperate need to fill up all the time I would normally spend menu planning and prepping. Enter the candle making. Recently, I've found myself drawn to all the hokey Thanksgiving convenience food items on display in grocery stores all over town. While I would never serve any of these items at my Thanksgiving dinner (and I have it on good authority Ed won't either), I couldn't help thinking there was something too perfect about their collective statement on American holiday eating habits not to do something with them.
Wax and wicks were the answer!
I am hoping to find a way to make those canned french fried onions into a candle so I can create a glowy ode to the iconic green bean casserole! Don't you just love spare time?


Mary said...

those are cute...funny blog. What did you do with all the contents? I'm sure you donated them to the nearest shelter

Anonymous said...

You will need green bean cans and mushroom soup cans if you go in the Green Bean Casserole direction.


Mel said...

Thanks mom! I have the bean and the soup cans, but the onion can is actually paper. I think I might turn it into a vase to avoid burning the house down.

Mary, I have used the cranberry as a glaze for meat and we are having pork chops with three bean casserole tonight! Sometimes kitschy can be delicious! Don't ask about the gravy...;o)

Mary said...

you crack me up!

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