Wednesday, October 27, 2010

They think SHE can dance...

This is my favorite I have taken of Emma while she was dancing. I love her height in the jump, her joyful confidence, and the simple fact I snapped it while she was dancing at home.

Our friend, Nubia, is well known in our family for making really sweet memories for us. She has passed along an incredible handmade thank you card and a mini ballet scrapbook for Emma. She even introduced our family to super couponing and bravely tackled a Julia Child recipe for a party at our house. She is pretty much amazing!

I've learned when Nubia asks for something it is usually in our best interest to pass whatever she wants along to her! A couple of weeks ago she asked me to email her a photo of Emma dancing and of course I sent her my favorite. Emma had no idea I had sent it and I am sure you can imagine her surprise when she saw this today...Yep, that is Courtney Galiano of So You Think You Can Dance (season 4 top 10 and season 7 all star) signing the photo of Emma!

Nubia shares Emma's love (and mine) for the reality dance competition and when she found herself with tickets to the live show and a back stage pass she decided to introduce Emma to the SYTYCD All Stars and Season 7 dancers!
Ashley Galvan (season 7 top 10) was forced to leave this summer's show due to a rib injury, but she was feeling fit enough to sign Emma's picture!
Ade Obayomi (all star) and Finn's favorite Adechike Torbert (top 10 season 7) also signed the photo! And so did season 7 favorite Billy Bell!
All star Kathryn McCormick took a moment to meet Emma, too! Lauren Froderman (season 7 winner) also signed the picture!
Breakers, Dominic Sandoval (season 3 top 10 and season 7 all star) and shy guy Jose Ruiz posed for a picture with Nubia and signed Emma's picture!
Kent Boyd (season 7 runner up and Emma's favorite dancer) was the last to sign Emma's picture and demanded to know where she was!

Can you even imagine how much this treasure will mean to Emma? These are her idols and Nubia told her that several complimented her form as a dancer!

I am sure Emma will never be able to thank Nubia enough for her thoughtfulness and as a family we feel incredibly lucky that we have someone in our life like her. She is a treasure to say the least! Thanks Nubia!


Angela said...

Ok, completely awesome. I don't watch the show, but can only imagine how exciting this was for Emma.

Mary said...

what a gift....yeah for Emma!

Juliette said...

that is so awesome!

Nubia said...

I kept meaning to respond to this super sweet post!

I must admit that I sometimes get to take part in some pretty cool things. Most of my favorite moments include the little people in my life (like watching the SYTYCD finale with you guys).

Had I gotten the tickets directly, you know I would have kidnapped Emma for the night!

Unfortunately, this was the best I could do (hee hee....and I had a blast doing it!).

So happy she was thrilled to see the pics. I can't wait to hand over the real pic in person!

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