Thursday, October 21, 2010


Last night Leif and I were were treated by Leadership Greater Chicago to an evening of culture and tragic romance at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater. After enjoying a backstage tour and a casual dinner on site, we settled in for Romeo and Juliet. It had been years since I had seen a live production of Romeo and Juliet and all I have to say is, " Romeo who? I'll take some Mercutio any day!" Ariel Shsfir's portrayal of Mercutio, Romeo's comic foil who meets a tragic end at the hands of the vengeful Tybalt, was the stand out performer of the evening! While the entire production teams with masculine energy the central love story gets just a little lost due to a lack a believability between a weak Romeo and immature Juliet. I'd still say, the entire production kept me on the edge of my seat and I truly marvel at the talents these actors possess!

Romeo and Juliet runs at the CST on Navy Pier through November 21st. Consider buying a ticket.

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