Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Night with Mom and Dad.

Yesterday, I made a quick trip to Wisconsin to spend the night with my parents. Yesterday evening, the three of us enjoyed a lovely dinner at The Baker House in the heart of Lake Geneva. We chatted about serious subjects and laughed a lot, too and it struck me in the middle of dinner that I could not remember the last time I was alone with my parents. We figured that at the bare minimum it had been close to fifteen years since we'd been a trio last. I am just saying we should do it more often; I sure did enjoy myself!
Today my mom invited me to attend a luncheon she helped organize as a fundraiser for the Geneva Lake Women's Association (GLWA). We all enjoyed and Asian inspired chicken salad before taking in Barbara Rinella's educational book review of Shanghai Girls by Lisa See. I had never seen a book review like this before and I just loved it. Rinella is part academic, part story teller and part solo performance artist and her enthusiastic review made me want rush out and read the book as soon as possible! All I can say is, my mom and all the ladies of GLWA, know how to throw a lovely party!

It was such fun spending the day peeking into my mom's life and I will treasure my solo night with my parents for years to come. Thanks guys!

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