Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Haunting!

To be honest, Halloween kind of sneaked up on the Elsmo 4 this year! Everyone has been as busy as can be and before we knew it it was time to pass out the candy! We managed to fit in some pumpkin carving before the trick-o-treaters started arriving. Finn found a flower growing inside of his and poor Leif's was rotten, but Emm's moonshine was darling and my scarehead was pretty meanacing!

I had a big pot of chicken chili simmering on the stove and some freshly baked bread for our lovely friends to enjoy while they took their little ones trick-o-treating. Finn jumped at the chance to hit the streets with his friends and hauled home quite a bit of candy. Emma opted to stick close to home this year and took Zane around the block once before settling in to pass out candy and enjoy some chili with the ladies in the kitchen.

We headed to one other neighborhood party before Finn conked out and Emma, Leif and I snuggled up to eat pumpkin seeds and watch Dracula! It turned out to be a perfect day all around!
Boo and Eek!

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