Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween: Irving Style

Today celebrated Halloween Irving style. Over the years the school Halloween parade has always been a favorite of mine and I am a little sad this is our family's last trip around the block. This year Finn had the honor of carrying a banner for a first grade class and I am shocked his appearance didn't make the wee ones cry! I think he makes one scary clown!
I was in charge of bringing my crock pot caramel apples to the afternoon classroom party. The last time I brought them to the school things didn't go well; I fell over while carrying the crock pot full of molten caramel. I was a sticky mess to say the least!

This year I was certain things would be better. I melted the caramels down, packed up all the sticks and topping and safely made my way to the car. It was such a relief to have made it there in one piece I was just stunned when a moment later the crock pot tipped over and spilled all over the back seat of Leif's car. Nothing says "Happy Halloween" like a car full of liquid caramel! I had just enough left in the pot to make it work, but I fear cleaning Leif car is going to be the biggest Halloween trick of all!

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