Thursday, September 16, 2010

Get in Line!

Sometimes I think entering the teen years can be terribly unfair. Teens are growing a million inches a minute and their hormones are kicking in big time. When you add a pair of glasses and a mouthful of metal to this tinderbox of development suddenly you are looking at awkwardness personified. Or so I thought...
Our beautiful Emma became a "brace face" today and I don't think you can tell at all! Emma has wanted to straighten her teeth for a while and today she started her Invisalign treatment. After a year her teeth will be as perfect as possible and she won't have to deal with metal, cement, or tightening in the meantime. She simply has to change out her custom designed clear trays every two weeks! She is pretty darn excited about the whole thing! She is even more excited about the fact she has the chance to win a long standing bet. Emma has always been a nail biter and several years ago I offered to pay her fifty dollars if I had to clip her nails once. She has never been able to hold off long enough to earn the cash. She figured out pretty quickly today that she can't bite her nails with her Invisalign trays in her mouth. Considering she can only remove them for meal time she is pretty sure she's going to pocket that money pretty fast!

Straight teeth and long nails?
I think she is on the road to becoming a lovely young lady!


Mary said...

yay Emma! You can't put a price on straight beautiful teeth = priceless

Anonymous said...

Disadvantages of Invisalign**:

They are "not designed to treat patients with mixed dentition, changing a bite and/or growing palates and therefore are not appropriate for children."

Call me a traditionalist, but
I would be skeptical of invisalign's new teen line. Could be a revenue generating ploy due to decreased adult sales.

Mel said...

Though I don't know who you are, I can appreciate your position about the potential pitfalls of Invisalign and I agree they are not the best choice for all people especially teens, but we did our research and felt they were the best choice for Emma based on her bite, level of corrections, and general maturity. We trust our dentist and we are happy with our decision.

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