Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Last First Day

This morning as Emma and Finn started off on their first walk to school of the year, I found myself feeling just a little sentimental. I suddenly flashed back to walking Emma to Irving on her first day of Kindergarten nine years ago. Her backpack enveloped her tiny body as she proudly marched through the "big school" doors. All the while her infant brother snoozed in the stroller. I never considered how fleeting this stage of our life would seem, but Emma joined her fellow 8th graders at the middle school this morning and Finn took his position in line at the 5th grade doors on our family's last first day at Irving School. I guess there will be a lot of lasts this year, but I know all good things must come to an end and I plan to savor every last moment!


Anonymous said...

So school has started... I was wondering and I need to get some school stuff to all of you ...Any possibility that I can drop things off at your place this Sunday and take you out for lunch? Let me know please...I love the nostalgic quality of your school pictures So Good Strange thing about the Dunes as I just came across some photos I took of the same scape about 15 years ago. Love that area espedially the partnership between industtry and nature ( in the form of parks) Good luck Emma with 8th grade and Finn with 5th Nonna loves
you all....let me know about Sundaydingi

Anonymous said...

Still backpacks, huh? Too bad, everything in there would fit nicely on an iPad. (Except the home made foodie lunches.)

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