Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Brides Over the Buffet

Yesterday, while enjoying a few quiet moments in my house, I dusted the pictures and trinkets above the buffet in our dining room. The glass pieces on the ledge are among some of the favorites I've collected and include our wedding cake dish, a broken piece of depression glass, and a decanter my dad made. If you look closely you can even find an empty Micky's bottle (Leif and I shared the drink in our first apartment) filled with Emma's letters from camp. A stunning piece of goofus glass holds the bullets casings and dried flowers from Thad's funeral and the prayer book my grandmother carried with her when she married my grand father is tucked next to it.

I affectionately refer to the photos above my glass collection as "The Brides over the Buffet" and they are simply breathing taking. These photographs, when combined with my treasures on the ledge, make up one of my most prized displays in our house. Let me introduce you...
My mother, Trish Schmelzer.
Leif's grandmother, Grace Festa.
Leif's mother, Nancy Elsmo
My Grandmother, Virginia Schmelzer
My great grandmother, Frances Vetter

Aren't they lovely? I enjoy looking at them every day!


Nubia said...

I envy the photo history in your home. I can only hope to one day collect something similar, though my family isn't as great about keeping pictures. I might just need to make it my tradition to pass along to my kids and so on.

It's really amazing and beautiful. These women are just a tiny sparkling part of the entire family anthem.

Anonymous said...

What a superb entry to your blog. I love it. Nancy

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