Sunday, July 18, 2010

Door County 2010: The Stats

Oak Park, IL to Fish Creek WI: 268.99 miles
Destination: The Quail Cottage at the Thorpe House Inn

Licence Plate Game Predictions:
Leif 19 states, Finn, 25 states, Mel 32 states
Actual Number of States found: 31

Weather: 6 days sunny/1 day rainy
Favorite Full Day
Leif: Tuesday
Ferry to Washington Island, biking, Lunch at Fiddler's Green, twilight mini-golf at the Red Putter
(click the ferry photo above to visit their website. Trust me. The jingle is epic.)

Mel: Thursday
Breakfast at Al Johnson's, golf at the Red Putter, Beach Day at the Whitefish Dunes, family night in

Finn: Friday
golf at the Red Putter, lunch at Wilson's, time at the Beach Across the Street, Charter Fishing, late night pizza

About that Red Putter:
We love love love to play mini golf on vacation and we always turn it into a tournament. Here are the results of our play on this tricky little course...
Most Improved: Finn (78 in his first round and a 52 in his 4th)
The Golden Golf Ball (best single game): Mel with a 45 (3 over par)
The Golden Putter (most hole-in-one shots): Mel (2)
The Coveted Red Jacket Award (lowest 4 game average): Leif with an average of 48!

Favorite Single Activity:
Mel: Traipsing down Eagle Trail in Peninsula State Park
Leif: Golfing 9 holes with Finn at Stone Henge
Finn: Charter Fishing even though we didn't catch anything.

Dining Stats:
Meals eaten in: 11
Meals eaten out: 7
Favorite Meal:
Leif: Mel's Chicken Sandwich
(grilled chicken, piquillo peppers, mushrooms, fresh basil, sharp cheddar)

Mel: Breakfast at Al Johnson's
(Two Eggs, Swedish Meatballs, Swedish Pancakes, Lingonberries)

Finn: Wild Tomato Pizza OR Mom's Burger

*It should be noted I did not coerce these responses from my boys! They are just naturally smart and probably would like me to cook for them in the months and years to come.

Best Dialogue:
While driving home in the dark...
Mel: Oh! Deer!
Leif (swerving the car): Whoa! For a second I thought that was a person. Didn't you?
Mel: Um, Nope. That's why I said, 'oh deer.'

Best Catch Phrase:
Leif: "Respect the Trail"
*It should be noted that Leif uttered these words repeatedly while bringing up the rear on our way down a slippery, steep and rocky path on Eagle Trail. Each time he told us to "respect the trail" he almost fell down. Talk about humorous irony!
What We Have:
Fantastic memories of an incredible week with Finn and about a bazillion adorable pictures of him as evidence! Frankly, if there was ever a picture deficit because Finn was a second born we more than made up for it on this trip!!
What We Missed:
Emma Grace. duh. The good news is we were able to talk to her while we were gone and she is having a phenomenal time at camp!

Whom to Thank:
My parents. Each and every year our stay in Door county is about as perfect as a vacation can get and this year was no exception. Our annual stay at the Thorpe House is Christmas gift from my mom and dad and really we couldn't think of anything we'd rather receive.


Angela said...

What an amazing trip! I have to admit, I've looked at the photos at least 5 different times already. Glad you had a great time.

Penny said...

Wow! Looks like an awesome! I now have this desire to go charter fishing. What a cute family.

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