Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Chinatown Fare...

I have a borderline fetish when it comes to the artificial food displays commonly found in Asian restaurants and grocery stores. I love them for no apparent reason.
I find them hilarious and tacky and I want them all.
My fake food feelings must stem from the hours I spent in my childhood play kitchen marveling at how the fake inedible hot dog fit snugly in it's fake inedible bun. I remember lamenting the moment my microscopic Cheerios box got stepped on for the forth time and no amount of Scotch Tape could make it stand up again.
Honestly, I would love to decorate my kitchen with a global array fake foods and, despite the fact this is an totally unrealized vision to date, I have been known to peruse sites like this one at length (check it out and buy me a present...I especially like the caviar). So...when I came across these wacky little key chains in the Chinatown markets today I literally squealed with delight, bought four, and promptly attached my keys to them!
Bringing a vision to fruition has to start somewhere.


lola rollerova said...

"Squealed with delight" does not even begin to describe it.

It was electric. I could physically feel the joy!

Oh, and by the way...hellyzi!!!

ask me.

Tee said...

Thanks for this post! You brought back many happy memories of the bowl of fake fruit my grandma kept in her kitchen. The plastic grapes were my favorite. I'd pluck one off, pop it in my mouth, and hope that somehow, like magic, it would turn into a real grape.

Anonymous said...

How very delightful this blog is (as are all your entries.. ) I trust all is well with the Elsmo Four and I will be writing soon to Emma Grace at camp.. My trip to Rib mountain was grand and Heather & I printed out your beautiful photo of beautiful Emma Grace.. Love to Finnr and Leif and tell Finn I think his flag email is great...Nonna Nancy

Nubia said...

O-M-G!!!! Where did you find these?! I might need to get a couple for my the other chef in my life. She would love these!

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