Sunday, July 25, 2010

Back in Tact

I pride myself on being a relatively patient person, but nothing on this great earth of ours could make this week-end arrive fast enough for me! We were FINALLY able to retrieve Emma from her month long stay at Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp yesterday!
After making one of these little cabins her home for so long I was fairly certain that Emma would have a list of requests upon picking her up and I was right! On the list: a Frappuccino, a hot shower, a comfy bed, a bubble bath, a movie night, and welcome home dinners including ribs, tacos, baked potatoes, and roast chicken! Beyond missing a few creature comforts, however, it was abundantly clear Emma had a wonderful camp experience and reveled in her dance training! She appreciated every moment of her unique summer experience, made many new friends, and appreciated every care package and letter folks sent her. She loved her time there and was ready to come home! Sounds pretty close to perfect if you ask me!

Prior to getting her that Frappuccino and hauling her weary bones home this morning, we were invited to watch two evenings of ballet ensemble performances. It was easy to tell these dancers were pushed during their four weeks of study and the small group of 23 dancers put on a diverse show! I was particularly impressed Emma and her fellow academy dancers more than held their own in the group made up of high school students!

Emma's instuctors praised her ability to accept criticism and pick-up choreography. They also complimented her willingness to ask questions, tireless work ethic, and her exuberant personality. We are exceedingly proud of our Emma Grace and delighted to have the Elsmo Four back in tact.
I have to is time for family dinner!
Four plates are ready for Emma's favorite ribs!

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Nubia said...

That picture of Emma and Finn is just priceless.......precious, precious, precious!

On another note, the pics from the performance are crazy cool. Emma's poise makes her seem so much older (in a good way). You would never know she was one of the youngest students there!

I can't wait to hear all about camp!s

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