Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Backyard Ballet

The second annual backyard ballet went off without a hitch this evening! The girls put on quite a show and Finn fulfilled his emcee duties perfectly. The pieces were all unique unto themselves and featured music by The Freelance Whales, Michael Jackson, Ziggy Marley,The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, The Beatles and Coldplay. The girl's added a fundraising effort to the Backyard ballet this year, too. Thanks to their generous guests they raised more than $150 for Momenta's Everybody Can Dance Workshops!

All of the guests in attendance are very important people, but notable (and official) VIP's included:
Cora D. Mitchell and Gina Sigismondi (Momenta dancers and Academy instructors) and Miss Carla (Former Joffrey Children's Ballet Master)
and Ms. Payton (Finn's 4th grade teacher).
One guest commented the girls were dancing from their souls and I simply have to agree. Guests were even getting a little teary now and then and seemed to delight in the innocence of the entire production.
Thank you for another memorable show!
This is fast becoming one of my favorite days of the year.

You can learn a little more about the work Momenta is doing from the video below:

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Mary said...

it looks like a fabulous show!

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