Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Woodwind Swan Song

Emma decided she wanted to play an instrument at the beginning of fourth grade. Leif took her to a fair where she could try out several different instruments before making her selection. She almost passed out when she tried the trumpet and the flute seemed too dainty. The drums were an immediate no, but when Emma picked up the clarinet she blew a natural G on her first try. She made her choice in that instant.
When Emma made the transition to middle school she decided to continue on with her study of the clarinet with one caveat: If they make me march or wear a funny hat I'm out.
She survived a year of wearing a red neck tie, but last week-end she and her band marched in the Oak Park Ethnic Day Festival and tonight, true to her word, Emma played her final middle school band concert. One episode of marching and she dropped that woodwind like a hot potato.
I snapped the photo above this evening and that was the end of that. I like a girl with conviction.

1 comment:

Annie said...

I love this post-- agreed! How can you not love a girl of conviction??

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