Saturday, May 29, 2010


Finn is still a Striker through and through, but he was borrowed by the Alithsa Arsenal for the Grove United Tournament this week-end in Shaumburg. Playing as a guest is a great opportunity for any young player and Finn is enjoying the tournament tremendously! All of the boys are extremely kind, the coaches are very welcoming, and Finn looks fierce in red. The team is bracketed in the top flight of what appears to be a well respected tournament and the games have been a struggle, but Finn is more than holding his own.
When asked how he felt about playing for a different club he'd never heard of Finn said, "I think this is great, a real honor, but I have no idea how I ended up here. Word must be really getting around about me!" How about that for a shot of confidence for a young man?


Mary said...

Finn does red well

Nubia said...

I think I owe Finn a visit on the sidelines to cheer him on! I've clearly had the chance to see Emma now it's time for me to see Finn perform!

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