Monday, May 31, 2010

Sunny BBQ

Our neighbor Matt invited a few friends and about a bazillion of the most well behaved children on the planet over for a casual Memorial Day cook out yesterday. He is an excellent host and an impressive multi-tasker...I found myself sitting in front of a container of lovely sliced oranges and for every adult who wanted their beer garnished, two children grabbed one as a healthy snack! I'll have to keep this dual purpose garnish/snack in mind for future parties!I brought one of my favorite potato salads to share. Burgers, brats, dogs, the occasional cupcake and a little too much whiskey rounded out the day. Finn chatted up folks in his normal fashion and Emma's little mama instincts were in full force!
What a lovely way to spend a sunny afternoon!
Thanks Matt!

1 comment:

Matt Cote said...

Glad you had such a nice time. I had a blast. The potato salad was awesome. Finn and Emma are really great. They are very good role models for Joseph and William. Looking forward to many more of those bbq's this year.

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