Friday, May 28, 2010

The Plus 10 Picture...

When Emma was three years old she began obsessively wearing a pink sequined tutu. She fell in love with it on sight and refused to take it off...ever. In fact, she was so committed to her fashion statement that she potty trained herself in the garment and wore it for three solid months. She played in it, slept in it, and ate in it and before we knew it the sequins were falling off in long trails, rose hued tulle was separating at the seams, and the front of the garment was littered with unattractive stains. We marveled at her steadfast and obstinate commitment to her beloved costume and decided to have Emma professionally photographed in it before the tutu disintegrated entirely.
(Photo by Jennifer Mau)
The resulting photograph was and still is my favorite childhood picture of Emma. Her aloof confidence and that hint of an eye roll left Leif and I laughing and I remember looking at him saying, "Take this photograph plus 10 years and we could be in really big trouble."
My musing seemed such a far off consideration.
In that moment I couldn't comprehend what ten more years of Emma would bring.
And suddenly here she is ten years later...thirteen years
There are no words to describe just how that headstrong toddler in a soiled tutu has evolved and grown and matured.
She is not an eye roller. She is not contrary. She is not aloof.
She is solid. She is happiness. She is thoughtful.
She is confidence personified.
She is, simply stated, the joy of our life.
And she is a

Happy birthday Emma Grace.


Mary said...

Happy Birthday Emma! A beautiful young lady and an adorable toddler. I have chills

Nubia said...

Happy birthday beautiful, sweet girl!

Angela said...

I can't believe it. Happy, happy day.

Juliette said...

You are and will always be my bffl!

Shana said...

Happy Birthday to Emma. The 4 year old girl who delayed going to bed for me with a myriad of things she needed, a drink, go to the bathroom, another drink. I gently reminding her each time that this was the last time and she had to go to sleep. Her final appearance in the living room came with a "we forgot to brush my teeth." She had me there. Even at 4 she knew a novice when she saw one, smart girl.
What a beautiful young lady she has become. Happy Day!

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