Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

Leif and the kids gave me this lovely bouquet of flowers to celebrate mother's day before treating me to a lovely lunch in Oak Brook after Finn's last soccer game. Finn made me an incredible clay flower pot and gave me a little gift card. It was lovely to spend part of the day with both my mom and mother-in-law who have taught me pretty much everything I know about mothering. They are two very special ladies.
This morning Emma gave me this beautiful card and she wrote the following message in French on the inside...

Dear Mom,
The two birds on the front of this card are supposed to represent us. The little one is the daughter and the big red one is the mother. The heart over their heads is supposed to represent how much I love you and how much I adore you. I understand all you do for us and I admire it. I love you Mom! Thanks for EVERYTHING!
Being Emma and Finn's mom brings me joy everyday!


Angela said...

Lovely. Glad you had a great day!

Nubia said...

ok...that message from emma made me tear up! What a beautiful (and true) message. you are an incredible mom....hope you had a wonderful, wonderful day!

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