Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Little Plus

The George D. Webb Residence was selected site for the 2010 Chairman's Reception for the Wright Plus Walk and I was lucky enough to be on the guest list! Modern American Homes called the Webb House “an attractive country residence combining elegance with good taste.”
My friend Angela's boss is the chairman of the Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust, and I did a small event for them a while back. Since Angela and I are both flying solo this week she invited me to be her date for this special event and I am thrilled she did!
The home is spectacular and I simply fell in love with the butler's pantry! We drank sangria and talked and laughed. It was a most enjoyable evening an absolutely perfect way to break up my week! Thanks Ang.


Angela said...

My pleasure! I couldn't imagine a better date, and I know Jim was very happy to have you there too.

wildmarjoram said...

I volunteered this year and got to go on preview night (yay smaller crowds.) What an amazing event! Did you get to see the RF Women's club? What a renovation. - Jen P

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