Thursday, April 22, 2010

Scenes from the Fair

Finn certainly enjoyed his time at the academic fair! His egg survived the egg drop yesterday afternoon and he enjoyed sharing information about the World Cup with familiar faces last night.
I always love this special day at Irving!

One parent told me about her conversation with Finn at the fair:

Finn: So, you see this is a picture of England's national team and I think they are going to win the World Cup. Do you see this tall guy in the middle?
Her: Yes, I see him.
Finn: He is the tallest one there, right?
Her: Yes, he sure is.
Finn: His name is Crouch. Isn't that funny?


Mary said...

what is the egg drop?

Mel said...

Mary the egg drop requires students build a contraption that holds a raw egg in a manner that it can survive a drop from a third story window onto the pavement and remain in tact. Finn suspended his in a nylon in the center of a cardboard box. It is really fun!

Mary said...


Nubia said...

We did the egg drop for physics class in high school. We got to drop off the roof of the nun rectory next door. I failed miserably!

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