Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Elephant Toothpaste

This afternoon I helped another Irving mom lead a science experiment in Finn's class. I am always thrilled when Deb asks me to be her assistant because she brings some pretty cool experiences into the classroom. Today the kids made "elephant toothpaste" as part of their study of catalysts. Finn even recreated the experiment for Leif and Emma this evening at home!

This is messy, but give it a try at home!

"Elephant Toothpaste"

What you need:
1 12oz plastic soda bottle
Hydrogen Peroxide
High quality dish soap
Active Dry yeast

Dissolve about 3t active dry yeast in warm water and set aside. Place the funnel in the bottle and add 1/2 C hydrogen peroxide and 1/4 C of dish soap. Pour in the yeast mixture and remove the funnel. If you do this in the house, place a 9x13 pan under the bottle to catch the "toothpaste."
The kids also started a experiment called "naked eggs" today and we started a couple at home this afternoon. They take a week to complete, but I think it should be interesting to see what happens. To start your own "naked eggs" place a hard boiled egg in a clear cup and place a raw egg in a second glass. Cover each egg with vinegar. Allow the eggs to sit for 24 hours and change the vinegar. Allow the eggs to sit for a week and wait to see what happens!

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Nubia said...

these pictures made me burst into a wide smile - Finn is soooo happy :) This looks like a ton of fun!

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